The Transport Refrigeration Division of Al Mulla Industries manufactures customized Polyurethane Insulated Body, Cargo Body, Reefer Trailer, and Panel Van Insulation that are suitable for transport and distribution of chilled, frozen, or dry food products, medicines as well as any other goods that need a safe temperature controlled transport. Al Mulla Transport Refrigeration maintains its market leadership position in the industry. A dedicated team of employees that includes engineers, sales-persons, supervisors, and technical staff have contributed in building the Company’s success story over the last three decades.

Al Mulla Transport Refrigeration is also the exclusive distributor for Carrier Transicold in Kuwait, providing complete sales and after sales support to our customers through our strategically located facilities. The integration of Cooling Unit installation with quality-insulated boxes provides our customers with a turnkey solution for their cold chain logistics needs.

We utilize the latest design and organization tools including Pro/ Engineer, AutoCAD and SAP ERP systems. These enable us to develop and fabricate high-grade insulation sandwich panels and bodies, combining precision and light-weight material with those that have strong thermal and mechanical properties. Our products meet the most stringent international standards.

Manufacturing Facilities

  • Roll Former for sheet forming
  • Polyurethane Injection Machine
  • Adhesive Dispensing and Mixing Machines
  • Hydraulic Panel Press
  • Vacuum Lamination Table
  • Wood Working Machines for various applications
  • Assembly Station capable of assembling
  • Sheet Turning Table
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Jib Cranes
  • Vacuum Lifts capable of handling panels
  • CNC Press Break for sheet bending
  • Design Software Pro/ Engineer and AutoCAD
  • Large open space for handling customer supplied vehicles.

Product Range

Our product range includes but is not limited to the following.

  • Insulated bodies for transportation of frozen and chilled products
  • Reefer semi-trailers used for cross-country transportation
  • Customized options are available: load restraint systems, partition walls that are movable or can be tilted, etc.
  • Insulated dry cargo boxes
  • Cargo boxes (for various types of goods with customized storage and access for different applications) with sliding doors, shutter doors, etc.
  • Insulation and refrigeration of delivery vans
  • Distributor for supply and installation of Carrier brand refrigeration units
  • Distributor for supply and installation of Dhollandia brand Tail lifts.

The Advantages of Al Mulla Products

  • Light weight body enables better fuel economy and reduced operational costs
  • Higher pay load capability due to technically superior fabrication as compared to conventionally fabricated boxes
  • Carefully engineered construction to achieve low thermal conductivity, resulting in lower load on diesel engine, thereby saving on fuel cost
  • Specially engineered flooring, having high load bearing capacity, resistant to water leakage
  • Special flooring with Aluminium T-sections available for tougher usage involving movement of pallet trucks
  • Effective door seals to prevent heat leakage, thermal bridge for avoiding heat loss between metallic surfaces, and rain water deflector around rear doors
  • Specially designed jigs and fixtures used during assembly resulting in better bonding of panels and high dimensional consistency
  • Easy assembly and mounting on vehicles
  • Possibility of box customization as per user requirement and vehicle chassis
  • Rust proof pre-painted surface, ready to use for sign writing

Benefits of Al Mulla Brand

Al Mulla Transport Refrigeration team consists of highly experienced design and production engineers who utilize advanced technology for developing and fabricating high-grade refrigerated panel and bodies as per the customer’s requirement and specifications. It combines precision and lightweight with strong thermal and mechanical properties.

The insulated panels are produced free of thermal bridges, thereby eliminating heat loss.

Inner and outer skins are made of pre-painted polyester GI sheets. This ensures high levels of mechanical strength for the heavy-duty bodies and GRP skins for light-duty bodies.

Wall and roof panels have an insulation core of polyurethane hard-foam. Floor panels have an insulation core of high compressive Styrofoam and waterproof plywood. This gives the body superior load bearing capacity.

Precisely manufactured door systems, with multi-lip rubber gaskets and container gear-locks ensure perfect closing of the body to avoid any heat exchange.

The isothermal property value of bodies fabricated by us meets the requirements of international standards for safe transport of perishable food products, as well as the customer’s need for economical transport.

Customer feed and market analysis have shown that the marginal extra initial cost of these highly efficient bodies if any, as compared to cheaper locally assemble bodies, is well compensated within a short period of less than 2 years. Our customers enjoy greater savings because superior body insulation of our products ensures longer life-span of the cooling unit.

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This is to certify that Al Mulla Industries who has manufactured insulated boxes of Global standard and supplied us as per our purchase order listed in the Annexure A. We take this opportunity to comment them for the extreme professionalism shown in providing their services which has brought us value for money.
Mr. Anoop Pillai Manager Arab Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Co. W.L.L
We express our sincere thanks to the AMI in providing such kind of marvelous service & completion of our order within agreed date and will surely looking forward to work with them in future.
Mr. Jithesh K.P Manager International Agencies Co. Ltd.