The Tank is fabricated and mounted on the chassis of vehicles provided by the customer. Dimensions A, B and L of the tank are based on selection of the chassis.



1000 IG to 6000 IG



The Tank is either Elliptical or Double ‘D’ in shape. It is internally reinforced with ‘baffles’ and covered by ‘ends’. The baffles and ends are curved and flanged.



Galvanised Steel (GS) construction as per JIS 3302 SPGC Z 27 specifications or equivalent.


‘Shell & Baffles’ – 3 mm and ‘Belly & Dish’ – 4 mm

Standard Connections

  • 1 No. – ¾” PVC level indicator with ball valves at rear end of the tank
  • 1 No. – 20” Quick opening manhole on top of the tank
  • 2 Nos. – 2” vent with valve
  • 1 no. – 2” Gravity discharge at rear end of the tank
  • 1 No. – 2” Pump discharge at rear end of the tank with ball valves, discharge on both sides and return to top of the tank
  • 1 no. – ½” at rear end of the tank



3” x 2½”, pump suitable for water application driven by PTO

Inspection & Certification


Visual examination of welds. Certificate of Manufacturing is provided.



Up on construction, the tank is tested pneumatically at 3 psig or by Water-Fill Test.



Side Indicators (4 Nos/ side), Beacon Lamps, and all necessary wiring.



Internal: Nil

External: One coat of primer followed by synthetic enamel painting system. White colour or as per the customer’s choice.

Standard Accessories

  • Rear-Bumper as per traffic regulations
  • G.I. Spiral hose rack on both sides of the tank
  • 2 Nos. – 2” rubber hose of 6 m long
  • Ladder on driver’s side of the tank
  • Chequered platform on top of the tank
  • Tool box
  • Spare-wheel carrier
  • Sticker/ Graphics
  • Mudguard with Mud flaps


  • Internal painting – Epoxy painting system
  • Aluminium body Pump of Gorman-Rupp make

Standard Accessories

  • Stanchions of 850 mm height, at 1000 mm intervals
  • Head Board with 1.5m height
  • Spare Wheel Carrier
  • Tool Box
  • Water tank
  • Mudguard with Mud flaps