: The pump operates as an exhaust to reduce the pressure inside the tank and allow the suction of the liquid and sludge. In other direction, it operates as a compressor to increase the pressure inside the tank for evacuation of contents.


: 000 IG to 5000 IG


: Tank is of cylindrical cross section with dished ends. Internally reinforced with flanged baffles mounted on welded channels to withstand pressure and vacuum.
Material: A36 or Equivalent
Thickness: Shell – 6 mm, Dish – 8 mm. Dishes are dished and flanged


: Twin separate cut-off is provided against the tank content entering the vacuum pump. Primary on tank and secondary is outside tank. Pressure relief valve is also provided.

Rear Door

: Tank fitted with manually operated rear hinged door.

Sight Glass

: 3 Nos. – Spherical/ Flat Sight Glass on rear dish shall be provided at different levels, to know the level of contents in the tank.

Standard Connections

: Suction – 4” NB, 1 No. provided on rear dish with ball valve and male coupler Discharge – 4” NB, 2 Nos. provided on rear dish with ball valve and male coupler


: The pump is mounted on chassis directly driven by PTO (Min. 1000 rpm). Make – JUROP, Model – PNR 142 SL D (air cooled), Capacity – 14200 lpm of free flow air.

Inspection & Certification

: Visual Examination, DP – Butt and Lap Welds on Shell & Dish Certificate of Manufacturing shall be provided.


: The tank is tested pneumatically at 15 psig


: Side Indicators (4 Nos/ side), Beacon Lamps, and all necessary wiring.


: Internal: Grit-blasted, followed by epoxy painting system

External: Grit-blasted, followed by synthetic enamel painting system with under chassis painting in Black colour. The tank’s exterior is painted Dark green or as per the customer’s choice.

  • Rear bumper, as per traffic regulations
  • Toolbox, Mudguard with Mud Flaps
  • M.S. Hose-Rack on both sides of the tank
  • 2 Nos. – 4” rubber hose of 3 m long
  • Hydraulically operated vacuum pump
  • Hydraulically operated rear door
  • Tilting Vacuum tank with Hydraulic system
  • Radiography or Hydro-Test at 15 psig
  • Stickers/ Graphics