A Drop Side Body is used for general cargo applications. The Drop Side Body is fabricated and mounted on the suitable chassis provided by the customer. Dimensions of the A Drop Side Body are based on the customer’s requirement, as well
as the selection of chassis type.



Floor is made of thoroughly welded carbon steel. The construction is strengthened by cross members that are placed at equal intervals.

The rear and side doors are drop type, with hinges welded to the floor.

The rear and side doors are manufactured using a corrugated type of construction, They are strengthened by bent-plates, at both ends. The height of the Drop Side door depends on the chassis height and the customer’s requirement.

The doors have locking arrangement. Removable pillars are provided at a suitable distance.

The Front is of a fixed type and bolted to the floor. It is suitably strengthened.


: ASTM A36 or equivalent



The front, rear and sides doors are manufactured using corrugated sheets of 1.5 mm thickness. They are strengthened on both sides with plates of 3 mm thickness. The Floor is constructed with chequered plate of 3 mm thickness.



Side Indicators (4 Nos./ side) with necessary wiring.



The external and internal surfaces are treated with one coat of primer followed by synthetic enamel painting system. The colour is as per the customer’s choice.

Standard Accessories

  • Rear bumper as per traffic regulations
  • Tool Box – 1 No.
  • Mudguard with Mud flaps
  • Side hooks @ intervals of 1m, on each side


  • Higher thickness floor and sides
  • Tail lift at rear side of drop side body
  • Special locks for drop side doors
  • Crane mounting
  • Beacon lamps