Al Mulla Industries Employee Felicitated for 20 Years of Service

At a function held earlier today, Hormuzda Davar, Managing Director – TM & FS, presented an award for Long Service to Sarita Fernandes of Al Mulla Industries. Sarita joined the Company in the year 2000 and has successfully completed twenty years of service. Currently, she is Secretary at the Steel and Transport Refrigeration (TR) department of the Group’s manufacturing unit. The event was attended by Gohar Khan, General Manager – AMI, Ashraf Emira, Group Manager – Sales, and several other members of the staff.

“Twenty years is really a good long tenure,” said Hormuzda Davar during the event. He added, “Mr Anwar Al Mulla always says that ‘the strength of our Al Mulla Group is in our employees’.” He went on to say that all staff of the Company should take a leaf out of Sarita’s book.

“I am thankful to the Almighty! I thank the owners of the Company, our MD – Mr Davar, Mr Hani, my bosses Mr Gohar Khan and Mr Ashraf and my colleagues for supporting me in this long journey”, said Sarita Fernandes on receiving the award.