Al Mulla Industries delivers Hoppers of 80 CUM Capacity

Al Mulla Industries, a market leader in the manufacture of customised #StaticSolutions and #TransportSolutions, is proud to fulfil its customers’ requirements of top-quality products. The heavy steel fabrication unit of Al Mulla Industries, located in Shuaiba, manufactured, delivered, installed, and commissioned several sets of Hoppers with Hydraulic Chute operations to two leading #Transport and #ClearingHouse companies in Kuwait for deploying them in their operations at Shuaiba Port, Kuwait. These 80 CUM Hoppers are built with Hardox 400 plate material and have a payload capacity of 60 Tons. The overall size full of the assembly is 6 M Width x 8.5M Height x 7M Length and weighs around 29 Tons.

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